Pretzel was born in Hungary and studied gymnastics as a young girl and was a dancer for 14 years.  Later in life she became so flexible that she developed the reputation of being a pretzel, and her name followed.  After moving to the United States she was introduced to yoga and became deeply involved in its practice and philosophy.  She obtained her teaching credential and eventually opened Pretzel's Yoga & Pilates studio in San Francisco.  After 16 years of providing classes and teacher training to the community, she changed the name of the school to Yoga Fountain as an expression of her passion for swimming and as a metaphor for the flow of yoga asanas.

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San Francisco, CA 94107



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Renee worked as a court reporter for twenty-five years when she went to take some yoga classes to relieve back pain. As her health improved she became more devoted to the practice and in 2010 she decided to become an instructor to be able to share the benefits she derived with others. While looking for a studio to take the teacher training course, she found Pretzel's Yoga & Pilates, where she received her 200 hour RYT credential. Renee and Pretzel became great friends, and Pretzel wound up selling her the business, which then became Yoga Fountain.
Michelle grew up as a competitive tennis player and has long been passionate about athletics, fitness and the balance and strength obtained from practicing Asanas. She loves the outdoors and finds that yoga is a way to bring the peace and balance she finds in nature to her everyday life. Michelle’s energetic classes focus on practicing acceptance and gratitude in the studio, while bringing the benefits of yoga into all aspects of your life and athletic endeavors.
Tristan received his 200 hour teacher certification att Pretzel's Yoga & Pilates school and has been teaching for ten years. He loves to help students become calm and steady as a class progresses.His style adapts to the mood of the class, ranging from a smooth slow series of postures to a warming flow of energetic movements. Foremost is thoughtfulness, and attentiveness to the rhythm of the breath.